The Family Sports Of 21st Century

The Family Sports Game of the 21st Century

RocketBall is an exciting new game based on table tennis. Unlike table tennis, its unique board isn’t flat. Its three dimensional design creates a facinating new paddle sport. The top board makes the game more complex and interesting, and allows for far more exciting shots. The ball bounces off one of the lower boards, ricochets off the top board, hits the third board and travels to your opponent. Its unique three dimensional design allows three different games to be played and at the same time reduces the playing space to a mere 3 by 6 feet (1 by 2 meters). It converts to 4 different games in seconds. You can play it in the corner of a small bedroom, in the backyard or easily bring it to the beach, parties, or a weekend trip in the trunk of you car.

From 4 different games for starters, you and a friend can play RocketBall. This is a fun, fast-paced game intended for beginners to develop hand/eye coordination and improve reaction time.Mini ping-pong-like game is a scaled-down, quicker version of traditional table tennis. Experienced table tennis players may want to begin with 3D Table Tennis. This is a challenging game that adds a new twist to conventional ping-pong.

Even if you can’t find someone to play against, with a RocketBall table you can still have fun playing by yourself. Solo RocketBall lets you hone your skills when playing alone. By angling one of the table’s surfaces, you can practice hitting the ball to yourself.


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